[kwlug-disc] Im looking for a 100 meg connection

Kyle Spaans 3lucid at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 16:00:17 EST 2011

Ping the dude at kingstreetinternet.com, he's hoping to setup
fibre-to-the-home in KW.

Also ping the folks at the hackerspace, Kwartzlab.ca, some of them
there are in the ISP business locally.

If you're willing to sell your soul and dignity (kidding!), you can
get "Robber's" Cable up to 50Mbps down/2Mbps up here -- I will likely
start using this in January, *SIGH* :(

Another option is to enroll as a student at UW and live in one of the
apt-like on-campus residences. You get to use the university internet
that way. :^)

A company called Fibernetics does business internet stuff. So if you
run a business out of your home and are willing to pay them megabucks,
you could probably get a fibre connection.

Lastly, depending on the kind of downloading/uploading you are doing,
it may be much easier to put a server in a colo, or buy a VPS and use
that as your bandwidth "home base", and then do transfers between your
home and the server at a slower rate.

gl & hf

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