[kwlug-disc] Anyone using Acanac cable internet in K-W - your experience?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Aug 24 01:51:05 EDT 2011

Kiwi Ssennyonjo wrote, On 08/23/2011 8:17 PM:
> I am using Acanac
> Installation was a breeze.
> Very happy with the delivered service.
> Their customer service; on the other had os horrible.
> With that said they are growing.


Are you in Kitchener, or Waterloo?

> FYI distributel owns acanac.

Apparently not true, at least as of last week. Acanac partners with 
Distributel in various ways, including using the Distributel backbone 
in many cases. And apparently Distributel has recently made a direct 
investment in Acanac, but Distributel does not completely own Acanac, 
at least according to their forums as of last week. I have no specific 
knowledge, however, just a lot of reading in the forums. I'll gladly 
bow to any corrections.

Apparently 3web is somehow involved in the backbone as well. As I 
understand it, the 3 of them, at least, have teamed up (on the cable 
front, at least), to provide a cable alternate backbone to Roger's, 
Cogeco, et al - allowing each of them to sell to anyone in a partner 
territory, using any partner's network. Thus Acanac can sell to anyone 
on the Distributel network, and the reverse. (If Acanac actually owns 
any backbone itself. Of which I'm not sure.) I also understand there 
are cases where Acanac uses the Roger's network - merely acting as a 
3rd party wholesaler in that case. I believe Acanac intends to further 
build out their network, particularly in these Roger's cases, but that 
is an impression not a documented fact I've directly seen. Definitely 
they are looking and interested in expanding, but making sure that any 
such effort is going to be economically feasible. My guess is that any 
such expansion will be a joint Distributel / Acanac effort, going 
forward, not a sole Acanac effort.

All I can say is - good luck to them all, I wish them all the success 
in the world.

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