[kwlug-disc] Anyone using Acanac cable internet in K-W - your experience?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Aug 23 18:20:36 EDT 2011

Anyone using Acanac cable internet in K-W?

Anything good or bad to comment upon - decent speed, times of reduced 
speed, installation issues, or other problems?

(Which city? As far as I can tell all of Waterloo, but only part of 
Kitchener, goes out through Roger's Grand Crest Place facility. The 
rest of Kitchener goes out ... I forget where.)

If you note problems, it would be useful to know if you think the 
problem lies with Acanac or (the underlying) Rogers - I'm guessing 
many cable problems are Roger's induced, beyond the control of Acanac 
to affect.

Too, I'd like to separate installation problems from any other 
problems - it seems to me that installation is a hump to get over, but 
once accomplished are over and done with.

Your experiences, P&TY?

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