[kwlug-disc] Freedom Box?

Colin K colin at void11.com
Sat Aug 20 11:35:56 EDT 2011

I like the vision of this you have Paul, it closely matches what I hope for
from watching the talk on it.

I think the best way that this could work would be that generally once
installed it asks you a couple questions.
1: The level of protection you wish to have.  With youtube links to
descriptions of each level of security and best practices.
2: Start asking you if you want a basic tutor system to tell noobies how
they might benefit from this tech and what sort of lifestyle change they may
3: Advanced user settings where the system will allow you to have config
pages for things via a webgui of sorts.

I think the key to the success of rapid adaptation of something like this
would be ease of use out of the box.  With a best case scenario 3 levels of

Low: I just want to protect my network and make sure I'm generally not
connecting to known problematic areas on the internet and generally
sanitizing some of my traffic.

Medium: where it starts enabling vpn and proxied traffic via the TOR router
or something for even just DNS lookups and starts preferring SSL but with
some sort of level of double checking where it does some sort of advanced
check of SSL certificates and things like that.

High: where you require a certain level of security from the nodes that you
connect to and that most of your data is locked into some sort of special
vault and incoming/outgoing data is filtered like a Great Firewall of China
in your living room.

All of this would only be possible if we could find a way to track
collaboratively / anonymously redundant traffic that is generally only meant
for tracking you and wont break everything on your internet if its blocked.
 This would be a great feature but would require servers and an anonymizing
setup maybe even report it to an .onion hidden service.

Anyways enough of me ranting.
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