[kwlug-disc] Specs for new home rig - Opinions and recommendation wanted

Chris Frey cdfrey at foursquare.net
Fri Aug 19 06:01:21 EDT 2011

On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 09:28:38PM -0700, Raul Suarez wrote:
> If you've heard me before, I'm sure you know that I brag about still
> using a P4 2.8 with 1.5 GB RAM as my main desktop. and a PII 400 as a
> play server.
> Well, after 7 years of using the same computer, it seems that it is time
> to get a new home desktop computer and turn this one to my play server.

For a second there, I thought this was still the Android thread, and you
were going to tell us that you just upgraded your servers with the latest
Android handheld. :-)

- Chris

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