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> Today's Android phones ... is the OS truly multi-tasking / pre-emptive?

They are Linux, so true multi tasking.

> If not, will such benefit of QNX brought to the RIM handsets be ... market
> changing?
> If so, and such benefits accrue significantly to Android on RIM, will RIM's
> handsets not be something to keep a very close eye on?

>From an end user point of view, and even a developer, I think these are the
wrong questions, since they focus on a few narrow technical aspects only.

What really matters is the size and how dynamic is the ecosystem.

Hands down, Android has a far superior ecosystem than Blackberry. There are
hundreds of thousands of apps (available in the market, most of them free,
many at a reasonable cost), no need for expensive development platform or
licenses (Eclipse and free downlaod of SDK), and a myriad of handsets with
different features.

Apple has a similar sized ecosystem, or even larger, but only on their own
handsets, and only via they own app store. You can't have an iPhone with a
physical keyboard since Steve Jobs decided for you that it is not good.
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