[kwlug-disc] Freedom Box?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Aug 18 14:30:22 EDT 2011

- every home is a node on the net.
(- so is every device, particularly given IPv6 or mobility, but leave 
that aside for the moment.)
- every such node needs a certain set of common services between it 
and the rest of the big bad internet world. e.g. firewall, dhcp.

Is FreedomBox intended to be the new Home Server?

(Inevitably running on everything, since aspects of those services are 
needed by a wifi enabled PDA, for example, wherever it is at that moment.)

webhost at kwlug.org wrote, On 08/18/2011 12:09 AM:
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> - FreedomBox
> FreedomBox [1] is a project to build an easy to use plug computer based 
> P2P communication device which supports freedom and individual privacy.
> It began from a presentation and thesis [2] by FLOSS lawyer Eben Moglen. 
> He argues that we are trading too much control and personal information 
> for communication and social networking services.
> Many other projects have already implemented the parts which are needed, 
> and the FreedomBox will integrate them and present them in a way that 
> everyone can use.
> Better privacy and control over your own data show not be only for tech 
> experts, but for everyone.

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