[kwlug-disc] Natty Release & Linux / WinXP coexist

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Sat Apr 23 13:24:38 EDT 2011

On 2011-04-23 12:42, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> In my experience the LAMP stack is much more
> lightweight than the web browser and desktop environment, especially
> if you are using this box for development (as opposed to production).
Good to know. As Paul knows, I am newbie in the web development arena. 
For test purposes, I have been using the hosting facilities provided to 
me through my ISP as part of the 'personal webspace'. However, the ISP's 
hosting facilities extended to a 'personal webspace' are limited. 
Server-side stuff like PERL, PHP and MySQL are not available.
This limits my work in web development to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, i.e. 
client-side code.

Hence, my upcoming foray into Linux, LAMP and where these may lead.

Tx. JohnJ

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