[kwlug-disc] Natty Release & Linux / WinXP coexist

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Apr 22 23:48:11 EDT 2011

Raul Suarez wrote, On 04/22/2011 11:27 PM:
> What you are asking comes default in the Ubuntu installer. 
> When you install it will offer you the possibility to resize the XP partition.
> Even though I've never had any problem repartitioning, I would still recommend 
> that you backup any data you care about. And in this case that you create the 
> windows recovery disks before repartitioning, Just in case.
> I concur with Kyle, Memory seems rather low. This days it seems to be more 
> important than raw CPU power.

But, I think all will agree - 512 is better than no machine at all.

> In Ubuntu accessing the Windows partition is transparent ( you don't have to do 
> anything special, just access as any other disk)

I didn't think Ubuntu installed default read/write to NTFS, I thought 
only read. No?

>>From Windows you will need to install the corresponding drivers (Not Linux fault 
> but Windows does not come with the ext4 drivers)

There are ext4 drivers out there for Windows? Links?

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