[kwlug-disc] Multi-zone question for the audio gurus

Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Wed Apr 13 13:51:38 EDT 2011

On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 10:40, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:

> Just checking ... so you're expecting to walk back to the originating room
> if you want to change songs / playlists / stations / whatever?

Nope. mpd is client/server, so the server plays and clients control. I've
got mpd clients installed on my laptop and my desktop, as well as my phone
(but I have to be on wifi).

> Hmm. Wonder if wireless makes sense here. In essence, it's a broadcast.

Why go wireless when you can go wired? Plus I'd have to buy new equipment
for each room.

> Is pristine fidelity important to you?

Somewhat decent quality is important to me (I'm playing FLAC rips), but
quality is probably going to be limited more by the onboard sound, or my
low-end speakers.

Chris Irwin
<chris at chrisirwin.ca>
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