[kwlug-disc] VT-d or IOMMU -- any motherboard?

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Thu Apr 7 05:55:42 EDT 2011

William Park wrote, On 04/06/2011 2:59 PM:
> I'm interested in trying out VT-d (in Intel) or IOMMU (in AMD).  From reading, 
> AMD 890FX chipset has support for IOMMU.  But, most 890FX motherboards are 
> "consumer" grade, and they have tendency to lie or are flaky.  And, there is no 
> "consumer" chipset (ie. P55, P67, X58, etc) from Intel that supports VT-d.  X58 
> was to support it, but Intel said that was misprint.  This means going with 
> Intel "server" chipset.
> Has anyone used VT-d on Intel platform?  If so, which brand/model?

Well ... this is a little distressing and irritating. I've expected to 
have to purchase in the coming months, and was eyeing the P67's, but 
will likely wait for the z68's. I'm guessing an Asus P8z68, expected 
mid-May. I assumed all the latest VT-{whatever}'s would come along for 
the ride - thanks for your note that alerts me that that may not be 
the case.

Your post confuses me a bit - OTOH you say the consumer grade MBs have 
a 'tendency to lie or are flaky' (What do you mean here - the specs 
aren't accurate? Flakiness description based on personal experience, 
this is particular to AMD, or ?), then you seem to be looking for an 
Intel consumer grade board. (Intel boards tend to be better than AMD?)

Would you have a link to a chipset / VT-{whatever} cross-reference / 
availability? I guess I'll have to keep an eye on this, myself, too.
(Intel has 'server' chipsets?)

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