[kwlug-disc] RAID, mdadm and Ubuntu

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Apr 6 13:39:09 EDT 2011

Richard Weait wrote, On 04/06/2011 11:26 AM:
> Sorry if I derailed the political threads.  Carry on.

Oh Richard.

That was so yesterday.

Today we're on to the carbon footprint created by the production of 
unnecessary electronic gadgets such as that John J. is now using, plus 
packaging of course, versus that of a renewable, CO2 consuming, coffee 
table decoration. That can optimally balance said wonky table, keep 
you entertained when there's no power, and helpful for starting fires 
in a pinch. Also more useful as a projectile. I dare those with 
e-readers to demonstrably prove that a book isn't a better projectile.

Changing gears ...

A 3 disk Raid 0? Instead of Raid 5, lvm, or no raid at all? Software, 
not hardware, presumably? Ah, never mind that last.

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