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On Tue, 2011-04-05 at 12:09 -0700, Fernando Duran wrote:
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> > I'm finding it tough to decide on the
> > size. My technology averse wife could use it to search for
> > recipes in the kitchen and do the occasional web site lookup
> > and a 10" would be perfect for that. But I'm thinking an
> > ebook reader is in my future and an 10" seems to big. Maybe
> > it means two devices.
> I could have written that :-) I guess we're in the same market. I played with a Kindle and it's very nice, it even renders web sites that are text and pictures and you can check your gmail for example (plus there's the G3 version). I checked out the iPad2 and it's just too big and heavy for eReader in my opinion, plus I don't see my need for a laptop without keyboard / oversized iTouch.
> Fernando Duran
> http://www.fduran.com

If adding a keyboard will help justify a 10" tablet, you can take a look
at the Asus Transformer:


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