[kwlug-disc] government scandal, TPM DRM, and I spoke with an MP today.

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Paul Gallaway wrote

"[pick your own 'scandal' - there were a lot of them]"

Yes I will, let us go back in Canadian history, but not too far back:




The only people who have a licence to complain about scandals in federal politics are the supporters of the Green Party and the NDP. Everyone gets blasted in this article:

It is correct that the people who felt they were most impacted by the Copyright Act did respond like we have never seen before. However, ask people who are outside "our world" about TPM's DRM you will probably get a "HUH?". 

Now my gut feeling on the copyright bill is that it was deliberately left to die on the order paper by the Conservative Government twice. Just a gut feeling.

Here is what I think is interesting. The lobbyists who have been pushing for DRM and TPM have been saying since before 2004 that they are going to go out of business without them. Well it is going to be at least this time next year before the copyright act is going to get its next go-round. How come the interests that are pro DRM TPM represented by the lobbyists are still in business in the year 2012+?

I think that Parliament is being duped on the copyright issue -- Conservative, Liberal, Bloc and NDP. And today, I spoke with Peter Braid and told him so and that there are people in the KW-LUG who would like to speak with him about TPM and DRM. Peter Braid is willing to meet with us. 

Think about it, there I was at the Stephen Harper rally in Guelph, wearing a Tshirt that indicated that I was one of the volunteers helping put the rally on; talking about my unhappiness with the Copyright Act. You see in this instance, it was a supporter, respectfully expressing his opinion. At least there is no mistaking me for a person who would not support anything that the current government does.

Let's wait until after the election, and work together to put forward our best case to who ever wins the seats in our ridings.


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