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Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sun Sep 26 12:27:12 EDT 2010

  Here's another cell tower map site: http://www.arcx.com/sites/ (scroll 
down to "/*Site Locations via Google Maps") */

Steve Punter collects this information manually, sometimes with the 
assistance of the cell phone companies, sometimes without.  More cool 
info at http://www.arcx.com/sites/FindingSites.htm


(PS. I wish people wouldn't reply to a message to start a new thread.  
Really messes up mail clients that properly follow threading information 
in message headers instead of just sorting by subject line...)

On 10-09-25 03:33 PM, unsolicited wrote:
> http://www.ertyu.org/steven_nikkel/cancellsites.html
> Interesting.
> e.g. Probably provides some clues as to why cell service was so poor 
> in Red Bay for me - West of Wiarton.
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