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Andrew Dekker andrewcdekker at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 12:36:34 EDT 2010

I hope that we continue to get more choices, for os's gui's and everything
inbetween. This freedom drives the creativeness of developers. As soon as we
start to invoke limitations in these areas we'll end up dumbing down our
potential and slowing our technological advancement. It could be argued from
the other side too... we'd be more focused.. more hands on one task = faster
production.... well anyway...

It'll be interesting to see what happens with nokia over the next year.
Their new CEO - ex Microsoft exec is slated to start before the end of the
year.. What will this mean for their 2 systems, Symbian and Meego?
Personally, I have had both an android phone (nexus one) and maemo phone
(nokia n900) I like em both, but I favor maemo. I could live without the
features of either, I'll always be able to function without any phone at
all... hm.

I think part of this 'lets stop spreading our phone / pc softwares so thin
and consolidate now!' is based on this fear of 'will the user be able to use
it?' In my opinion todays users are not concerned with learning; they just
want something to function the way they want it to... hence millions of
iphone sales. I think that designing and selling phones in this way is great
if you want to make money.
I feel the underlying problem is that the end user doesn't want to learn
anything anymore. People just want to be....
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