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Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Sat Sep 11 15:35:53 EDT 2010

I have been using an Android phone for the last 10 or so days
(Motorola Milestone).  The phone is quite good, but there are
a few flaws with it.

What really shines is the Android operating system.

My plan was to write a full review sometime, but wanted to share
the gist of it sooner, after I saw this announcement by Google:

http://www.google.com/tv/ (maybe US based only, but also

Back to the phone: I love the operating system and the user
interface is very smooth. The Android Market has thousands
of apps that you can get for various things (bubble scale, compass,
Opera Mini browser, Facebook which you can post photos directly
without copying photos to the PC then opening a browser, then

It syncs your Google account, which includes email (Gmail), Calendar,
and Contacts. Add someone in the phone, and they appear in yuor
browser too. This means no cables are needed to sync your stuff,
it is done over WiFi or Mobile data (EDGE, GPRS or 3G). And that
means I can use it from Linux without worrying about "its software
works on Mac and Windows only". It also means you have a backup
all the time.

Open the Google Maps application, click on your location icon, and
it will show you the street view of where you are.

Obviously, all this will raise the "Google knows too much"

One app is Google Sky does the same things that Glenn mentioned
earlier about the iPad (point it to the sky and it will show you the
constellations, ...etc.), so take that Apple!

Short version: I am impressed! This will go places ...

I think Google will (should) kill ChromeOS in favor of Android, which
is now established with an ecosystem around it, developers, market
and all.
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