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On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 3:35 AM, J W <jeff.w.bulk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all, my name is Jeff Welling.
> I'm moving to the Kitchener Waterloo area, and since I'm a linux geek I
> thought I should touch base with the local LUG.  I write free software in my
> free time, mostly in Ruby though I'd like to get back to working with C and
> am trying to help with one in Python.  One of my projects is designed to
> help track of and control your bandwidth, another project I'm working on is
> called Ticgit which I've become the maintainer of, and I'm trying to help
> out with OpenHatch.org though I'm having to learn Python at the same time in
> order to do that.
> Any other local developers?

I am one, if you consider PHP a language that is ;-) Specifically, Drupal,
Content Management System.

Also did C and some C++ (and Bourne Shell, COBOL and BASIC too!)

> Any suggestions on local watering holes?
> Local geeking hot spots?

You reached perhaps the largest techie/geek/open-source group in Southern
Ontario. The KWLUG is the right place to start, as it is the largest and the
diverse in coverage of projects/technology.

Tips about ISPs?
> Which do you use, whats your opinion of them, who do you think I should
> avoid and why?
> I'm coming from Vancouver and I've been on Shaw cable who are the best
> around.  The alternative is Telus DSL.
> Telus complains if you go over on your usage and forwards DMCA complaints,
> Shaw never complained on any of the occasions when I went over my bandwidth
> allotment even when it was a significant overage (200-400%), and has yet to
> forward a DMCA complaint.

For ISPs, I am with Rogers, simply due to inertia, and the fact that I
already have
their cable TV service. If I take only one of them, the price goes up on the

Their speed is unmatched by anyone else (10 Mbps) for residential. The bad
is that they cap you to 60GB, which is enough for usual usage, but
we go over it.

Here is an overview of their packages: http://is.gd/f1HXf

My (and Raul?) are on the Express package.

I looked into Yak a couple of months ago, and they were very promising, but
wanted to take over my long distance too, which I am with a company that
gives good rates for USA/Canada as well as specific overseas countries.
So that was the deal breaker for me.

TekSavvy and others who piggyback on Bell are throttled at the CO because
the CRTC is to weak to take action on that.

Any other things I neglected to ask?

42 ...

> I'll be busy moving in this weekend but hopefully I'll see some of you at
> some meetings :)
> *waves* Nice to meet everyone.
> Looking forward to geeking with you,
> Jeff.

One group I am involved with is the Drupal Users Group for Waterloo Region.

We meet monthly and attendance varies from 12 to 20 depending on the time
of year and topic.

Although the group is Drupal centric, occasionally we cover non Drupal
topics, such as a recent talk about Git, and an upcoming talk on SEO.
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