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> There is a format in styles that sets the effect of capitals I think.
> It
> doesn't actually change the text, just the format. Check under format,
> font
> or font effects.

Now that I'm back in front of my Linux PC (instead of my very capable but OOo crippled Blackberry) the exact sequence to get title case is:

1. Highlight the text,
2. Select Format then Character from the main menu,
3. Click the Font Effects tab,
4. Select Title from the Effects drop-down,
5. Click Ok.

The best way though is to use a style. Create a character style called "Title Case" or something more appropriate and set the font effect there. The assign the style to the text. I did something like this for my Dad who was creating a genealogy document in which he wanted names to be all UPPER CASE. Rather than create a style called "Upper Case" we created one called "Name". 

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