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> What are folks using to manage contacts?  I've decided to get rid of my
> pile of business cards for something more permanent.
> I started using kaddressbook, but that seems like a fairly discrete
> program.  Have to fire it up every time I want to look up a number, which
> seems cumbersome.  Also doesn't seem like it integrates with thunderbird,
> i.e the kaddressbook entries aren't visible in thunderbird.

Google Gmail has Contacts in it. It is integrated, so when you type a few
of a name, it will drop down a list of matching names so you can pick from

It syncs with the Android phone, so you have your contacts everywhere.
You can sync only select groups (e.g. Family and Business, but not
anyone else).

> I know the answer's 'complex', but can we integrate contact software like
> kaddress book with asterisk as well?  It'd sure be nice to just scroll threw
> my address book on my desktop, press clickety click, and have the phone
> dialed.  Maybe I'm getting lazy here.

Google Voice provides some of that. You can dial a number of enter a name
from your Google Contacts.

Last I tried, only limited features are available outside of the USA (just
to land lines in the USA and Canada), and the other end said they can't hear

me, though I could hear them fine.

<Insert standard Google caveats here>
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