[kwlug-disc] Firesheep: Open WiFi cookie stealing for the masses ...

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Oct 27 17:46:30 EDT 2010

Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 10/27/2010 4:56 PM:
> http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/print/9193201/How_to_protect_against_Firesheep_attacks
> The root problem is sites using plain text HTTP, but there no
> solution for it until each and every site out there implements SSL.
> This may never happen, or will take a long time.
> And it depends on others to act, not you solving your own problem.
> So, in the mean time, a VPN is the solution.

Assuming that's possible / the ports are open.

However, tunnelling through ssh on port 443 seems to have some success 
in otherwise problematic hotspots.

Seems freeshell.org is used in this manner by some. (And some on this 
list, like myself, gave up on it - due to the organization / site 
itself, not the technology.) [Let alone, being hosted in the U.S. 
means you are exposed to the Patriot Act (?) provisions.]

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