[kwlug-disc] YouTube for audio

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Thu Oct 7 01:11:45 EDT 2010

  Another community group I'm involved in has been uploading video of 
meetings to archive.org.  The uploaded file is available almost 
immediately, and after a week or so it is also available in multiple 
formats. An uploaded 3 GByte .M4V file is now also available as an 
embeddded stream, 500 Mbyte .ogv, 500 Mbyte compressed .mp4 and even as 
a 400 kbyte animaed .gif! However, a 6.7 Gbyte Quicktime .mov file has 
not been converted, and is only available as a 6.7 .mov download.


All in all, archive.org seems to offer excellent, free service.  I do 
not have an account on the site, so I can't comment on its terms of 
service, privacy policies or stuff like that.  I don't know if files can 
be removed, or given an expiry date.


On 10-10-06 11:22 PM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 11:32:58PM -0400, Bob Jonkman wrote:
>> You'll probably want to set up an account at Jamendo and upload the
>> music you've composed/performed there: http://jamendo.com/en/upload
> As I said to Bob in person, this is not music. It is intended to be
> audio for these all-candidates meetings.
> Are there any other suggestions? I am not sure we are going to be able
> to self-host. archive.org is probably the leading candidate. I would
> be highly interest in hearing of others (or if you want to offer some
> high-bandwidth hosting that will kill your bandwidth, that would be
> cool too.)
> But since this is political material (and will consist of audio of
> other people) I am concerned about which licence to use, and I am
> concerned about the material being on the Internet forever[0].
> I would like people to download an entire audio stream, and be able to
> share it if they want on faster sites than archive.org . But I imagine
> that the candidates might rebel at allowing derivative works, since
> then people can make mash-ups of their answers and (more importantly)
> take those answers out of context.
> I am tempted to say that the highly-restrictive Creative Commons
> licence with no derivative works, noncommercial usage only and
> attribution would be the best. I am not sure what the noncommercial
> buys you, though.
> If I self-hosted then I would probably leave the audio files up on the
> Internet until the election, and then take them down. My goal here is
> to give people who don't attend these meetings information they can
> use to make a choice on October 25, not necessarily to provide a
> historical archive of all-candidates debates.
> I also do not know what the lag time will be for material posted to
> archive.org . Is it measurable in days? Weeks? Hours?
> Experiences and/or advice would be welcome. Uploading multimedia is
> totally new to me.
> - Paul
> [0] Yes, once anything gets on the internet it is supposedly out in
> the world forever. Try reminding me of that when I am looking for a
> resource that was hosted on a single host that has gone down, and
> where every other source just points to the original.
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