[kwlug-disc] YouTube for audio

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Wed Oct 6 23:22:32 EDT 2010

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 11:32:58PM -0400, Bob Jonkman wrote:
> You'll probably want to set up an account at Jamendo and upload the
> music you've composed/performed there: http://jamendo.com/en/upload
As I said to Bob in person, this is not music. It is intended to be
audio for these all-candidates meetings. 

Are there any other suggestions? I am not sure we are going to be able
to self-host. archive.org is probably the leading candidate. I would
be highly interest in hearing of others (or if you want to offer some
high-bandwidth hosting that will kill your bandwidth, that would be
cool too.) 

But since this is political material (and will consist of audio of
other people) I am concerned about which licence to use, and I am
concerned about the material being on the Internet forever[0]. 

I would like people to download an entire audio stream, and be able to
share it if they want on faster sites than archive.org . But I imagine
that the candidates might rebel at allowing derivative works, since
then people can make mash-ups of their answers and (more importantly)
take those answers out of context. 

I am tempted to say that the highly-restrictive Creative Commons
licence with no derivative works, noncommercial usage only and
attribution would be the best. I am not sure what the noncommercial
buys you, though. 

If I self-hosted then I would probably leave the audio files up on the
Internet until the election, and then take them down. My goal here is
to give people who don't attend these meetings information they can
use to make a choice on October 25, not necessarily to provide a
historical archive of all-candidates debates. 

I also do not know what the lag time will be for material posted to
archive.org . Is it measurable in days? Weeks? Hours? 

Experiences and/or advice would be welcome. Uploading multimedia is
totally new to me. 

- Paul

[0] Yes, once anything gets on the internet it is supposedly out in
the world forever. Try reminding me of that when I am looking for a
resource that was hosted on a single host that has gone down, and
where every other source just points to the original.

http://pnijjar.freeshell.org - Now with Waterloo election info

All-candidates meetings Oct 12, 13, 19 at Queen Street Commons; see 

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