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On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 1:02 AM, Bob Jonkman <bjonkman at sobac.com> wrote:

> I just came across this on the Communitech site.  I'd include a link, but
> the Communitech site is so badly Javascrippled they don't deserve the
> acknowledgement (besides, their opaque URL doesn't link to this info,
> anyway).  OK, here:
> http://www.communitech.ca/en/events/community_events.aspx#
> =====
> OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE: A Competitive Advantage for Your Organization
> Start Date:     Monday, November 08 2010
> Start Time:     9:00 AM
> End Time:       4:30 PM
> Location:       St. Andrew's Club & Conference Center
> Organization/Company: Lexpert/Thomson Reuters
> Contact Name: Eman Aboelsaud
> Contact Phone: 416-608-5882
> Contact Email:
> Contact Website:
> Attendee Cost(s): $1,195
> Description: Course Highlights:
> • Using open source software in your day-to-day business
> • Open source software analysis and risk assessment
> • Software approach that suits your organization
> • Managing open source software from the developer side
> • Using open source software code in a hybrid development environment
> • Open source software – key pitfalls and strategies

Initially I was going to complain that $1,200 is too much for stuff that we
regularly have for much less, and even for free.

E.g. OLF, FSOSS @ Seneca, and even Geek Toronto on 23th Oct.

e.g. http://fsoss.senecac.on.ca/2009/node/126

But this is a full day workshop, not a one hour talk.

In a way, it is good to have businesses willing to pay for this stuff.
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