[kwlug-disc] What's the simple next level beyond OpenOffice Base?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Nov 30 21:56:05 EST 2010

Continuing the saga ...

Sticking with non-online solutions for the moment ...

Glom - unusable under Windows, under the usual case of the user being
an Administrator. It will not start as the (postgresql) user is 
'root'. Postgres must be local. [Not to say you can't develop against 
a net server, merely that you have to have a local Postgres for it to 
even start.]

Rekall - rekallrevealed domain expired. Have e-mail'ed the Kompany for
new links. However, no mention of it on a google search (development
wise?) since 2005. Haven't heard from them and it's been a few days.

xHarbour - must have C compiler (Borland, VC) to use. There goes FOSS.
Not strictly true, there is a free compiler it will work against.
Looks like solid C coding only. Haven't investigated further.

Did come across an interesting notion at one site, dbfree I think ...
yesteryear's 'dBase' working against a single screen, is today's
object oriented 'dBase' working against a web browser. Giving a
evolutionary 'migration path' from locale file:// references to a web
server. In this 'in between' place between spreadsheets and a more
full blown sql serving database machine, with associated development /
maintenance environment and client distribution. And no client
software to distribute. Just a bunch of files.

Which may well be appropriate. At this level, wanting to spend the
least development time possible ... using the web browser (NOT web
2.0), doesn't seem unreasonable.

Now if I can find the IDE / development side wherein I can just move
fields on to the screen and trigger 'make.' (Have no clue, for that.)

kexi is also taunting. Links say to go to kde on windows for koffice 2
... which isn't available.

Firebird keeps coming up as being more sophisticated than MySQL, at 
least in terms of back end data integrity and consistency assurance. 
Coding data restrictions there (phone numbers must have at least 9 
digits, 8 is right out), rather than at each possible source of input. 
[Not that one is supposed to have more than one source of input per 

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