[kwlug-disc] Your country needs you (or "Our MP is on the C-32 committee")

L.D. Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Mon Nov 22 07:46:08 EST 2010

I don't think any "simple" message is going to include "DRM", "TPM",
"access control" or even "licensed content".  These are already too
abstract and ill-defined for the typical person and would require legal

The strongest messages to counter the "stop piracy" theme are those
pertaining to the effect of the law on a typical user's everyday
activities: Can I copy a CD onto my laptop/smartphone?  Can the kids
watch a movie on their netbook?  Can I add the software I want to my
smartphone? Do I need to buy separate copies of a movie for my
laptop/iPod/smartphone/DVD player? Can I make a backup of my DVD
collection?  Can I sell my DVD collection? What are the intrusions on
common end-user activities presented by this bill?  What do I have
permission to do today that will be illegal tomorrow?  People don't like
laws that make their currently acceptable behaviour illegal. 

On Mon, 2010-11-22 at 06:55 -0500, Russell McOrmond wrote:
> The simplest message I have found on TPMs is to force the question of
> who owns what is locked.
> Access controls on licensed content: if you have already paid,
> shouldn't you get the keys? And what does access have to do with
> copyright anyway?
> Locks on devices part of a DRM platform: if you own the hardware,
> shouldn't you have the keys?
> Talking about these as non-owner locks and anti-interoperability locks
> at least turns their brains on.
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