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> > What does an SMS Gateway do? Like what  would it be used for?
> ...
> > address.. you know the 555555555 at msg.telus.something.com
> That  works if you know the provider of the cell service.

Also according to the googles some carriers like Fido for example charge for the 
mail-to-SMS service. 

And this being a free feature I suspect it will be as reliable as a free email 
account; it's OK (personal use etc) but for providing SMS alerts service to 
clients (with contracts, SLAs etc) I don't know how robust emailing will be, my 
prejudice is "not very", I'd like ot know if someone has more insight/experience 
in this.


> If you want to send a text  but don't know the provider,or they don't offer 
>that on the web you need one of  two things: an SMS gateway provider on the 
>Internet, or a cellular modem. You  can tether a cell phone to a PC to get the 
>same thing.
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