[kwlug-disc] Hello World

Fernando Duran liberosec at yahoo.ca
Thu Nov 18 09:42:17 EST 2010

>From: Richard Bettridge <rbettridge at rim.com>
>To: KWLUG discussion <kwlug-disc at kwlug.org>
>Sent: Wed, November 17, 2010 3:01:06 PM
>Subject: [kwlug-disc] Hello World
>I recently signed up for this mailing list and wanted to introduce myself.
>My name’s Richard Bettridge, I’m a 26 years old. I’ve been using Linux since 
>around ’97 though I probably only started to really ‘get it’ around 2001. I’ve 
>been using Linux in a professional capacity for about that past 7 years. I 
>currently do performance based testing/tuning on infrastructure software.

>Recently I’ve started to learn python. I’ve hacked other’s python scripts in the 
>past but now I’ve had reason to actually get fluent with the language. I must 
>say it is not what I’m used to at all. I’m more of a perl/bash kind of guy. So 
>if anyone’s a py-pro…

Hello Richard and welcome.

Python has been my main "get things done" language for the last few years. 

In Python there's an initial "wtf?" we all have regarding indentation/whitespace 
and no semicolons etc but after a bit you get used to it and won't even notice 
or bother you. As you probably know there's ton of python resources on the web 
and libraries/projects for almost any area. 


Fernando Duran

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