[kwlug-disc] Cash becoming illegal?

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Fri Nov 5 14:55:11 EDT 2010

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> When making a >$100 purchase from small businesses, I usually ask if I
> can get a cash discount. Some clue in and name a price...... others
> get
> my Mastercard. At least that way I get 1% back of that fee in my
> 'reward points.' It's really long past time vendors get together and
> think of a way to tell Visa and Mastercard to take their terms of
> service and shove them, but they are as complicit in the raping as the
> consumers who use the cards.

I don't blame the vendors. Visa and Mastercard are ubiquitous. There are many businesses that need to take credit cards because customers have come to expect it. If at one point they were complicit, they are not any more. 

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