[kwlug-disc] bad drive sectors

Chris Frey cdfrey at foursquare.net
Thu Nov 4 16:49:13 EDT 2010

On Thu, Nov 04, 2010 at 03:48:09PM -0400, Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
> Getting the following in one of the bigger drives on the machine I use 
> for backups:
> Nov  4 15:24:49 ns2 smartd[1510]: Device: /dev/sdc, 39 Currently 
> unreadable (pending) sectors
> Nov  4 15:24:49 ns2 smartd[1510]: Device: /dev/sdc, 39 Offline 
> uncorrectable sectors
> Is this something I should try and fix?  Or is the fix a new drive?  
> Don't want my backup machine going bad!

This is a SMART message, and Wikipedia lists it as a "Potential indicator
of imminent electromechanical failure."

I'm guessing the last error relates to this:

	Uncorrectable Sector Count
	The total number of uncorrectable errors when reading/writing a
	sector. A rise in the value of this attribute indicates defects of
	the disk surface and/or problems in the mechanical subsystem. (or
	Off-Line Scan Uncorrectable Sector Count: Fujitsu)[14]

Time for a new drive, I'd say.

- Chris

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