[kwlug-disc] Skype on Linux: some quirks

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Thu Nov 4 09:23:54 EDT 2010

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> Where can the problem be then?
> Any similar experiences or ideas?

I don't know much about Skype, but when that happens in the VoIP world it's a firewall issue or mis-matched codecs. I presume Skype uses a single codec, or at least each client has a compatible set. 

Real-time audio is often done with UDP so that lost packets don't cause retransmits and mess up timing. In typical VoIP two UDP streams are used, one for each side of the conversation. This is often an unsolicited connection, in that there aren't any outgoing packets that tell the firewall that the incoming packets are related. The port is often agreed upon through a separate control connection and the firewall would have to understand and inspect the application layer in order to expect the audio stream.

Check for Skype and firewall related issues.

I would have expected Skype to deal with these issues though.

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