[kwlug-disc] FOSS 'Scheduling?' packages?

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Wed Nov 3 13:31:25 EDT 2010

Raul Suarez wrote, On 11/03/2010 11:40 AM:
> Based on those fuzzy requirements, I think that a spreadsheet
> should be enough to start.
> One worksheet with the staff information One worksheet for
> scheduling with dropdowns to select the staff

Agreed, however, the question was posed with an eye to where things 
might ultimately end up / if there's FOSS software in this area out there.

And if there is, by perusing the software / documentation / whatever 
now, get a sense of the concepts and paradigms (ultimately) involved, 
in an attempt to not snooker things for later / ease of transition by 
doing things conceptually 'right' up front.

> Or is your goal to have automatic resourcing based on staff
> availability and expected "client" demand?


That would be the ultimate magic pill to drop in right now. However, I 
recognize that having 'the application' and implementing it, ain't the 
same thing.

It's one thing to purchase SAP or an accounting package, it's another 
thing to transition to it from incomplete paper records.

Thus, if there are FOSS packages for this out there now, understanding 
their paradigms sooner rather than later will help minimize useless 
side road distractions along the way.

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>> FOSS 'Scheduling?' packages? To: "Kwlug-Disc"
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>> PM I have a pile of staff (100+) that feed (~150) and sleep (~50)
>> guests each weekend. This is a charity effort.
>> What FOSS might be out there to maintain / manage such an effort?
>>  e.g - collect staff info, name, phone, etc. - fill in / print
>> out shift slots (scheduling) - list item requirements, e.g. meals
>> planning, number of beds available - I don't even know what all I
>> should be looking for.
>> I imagine this is scheduling software. A small 'hotel' package?
>> Where might I look? What am I looking for? Where to start?
>> Groping ...

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