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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Tue Nov 2 09:22:46 EDT 2010

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> On Monday, I had an appointment in the Lightning calendar component
> that
> I realized had been cancelled. So I deleted it.
> Yet it still alarmed, (I had set the alarm for 30 mins. beforehand.) I
> tried to dismiss it. The calendar program came back with an error,
> MODIFICATION_FAILED. I ignored it as I could not dismiss it. (The
> error makes sense as the event to modify has been deleted.)
> This morning, the notification, ie it alarmed again for the
> non-existent
> event, slated for Monday. Again, of course I could not delete it. I
> think I might have found a bug, either in lightning or thunderbird.
> Who
> do I report it too? And does anybody kn ow how to turn off the alarm
> so
> it doesn't keep coming up?

Perhaps there's a calendar file in your ~/.mozilla/firefox/something directory that contains the item. It might be an ICS or XML file that you can hand edit.

As for reporting bugs you may be able to find a bugzilla for lightening. Search to see if it's an existing bug before reporting it. You may be able to subscribe to the bug and see updates as work on it progresses.

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