[kwlug-disc] Thunderbird/Lightning application question

Michael Savage msavage at golden.net
Tue Nov 2 08:51:58 EDT 2010

On Monday, I had an appointment in the Lightning calendar component that 
I realized had been cancelled. So I deleted it.

Yet it still alarmed, (I had set the alarm for 30 mins. beforehand.) I 
tried to dismiss it. The calendar program came back with an error, 
MODIFICATION_FAILED. I ignored it as I could not dismiss it.  (The  
error makes sense as the event to modify has been deleted.)

This morning, the notification, ie it alarmed again for the non-existent 
event, slated for Monday. Again, of course I could not delete it. I 
think I might have found a bug, either in lightning or thunderbird. Who 
do I report it too? And does anybody kn ow how to turn off the alarm so 
it doesn't keep coming up?


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