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On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 1:08 PM, Joe Wennechuk <
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>  I am setting up an autoresponder called omnimailer. It is in php running
> on Windows 2003 Server standard edition, the version of IIS is 6.0. The PHP
> version running on the server is 4.3.6.

PHP 4.x HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. You should really be using PHP 5.2.x now.


> Th site is in asp and html and written in frontpage. I need to upload my
> whole customer database to the site for marketing campaigns.

Before we can answer these questions, let us step back a bit and find out
some parameters:

1. Did you research other autoresponders and settle on this one? If so, what
were the selection criteria that led to this decision.

2. Are you happy with Windows/IIS/ASP as a platform, or were you forced to
use them because of ASP? Do you want to use Linux here, but you are hampered
by ASP being the blocker?

> Are there any security issues surrounding the customer data being
> comprimised by an attacker?

One possible attack vector is PHP 4, which we know is old.

> Should I switch hostng companies?


Because they are ones providing you with omnimailer?

Need more info here.

How would linux LAMP server handle frontpage extensions?

Frontpage extensions are simply for uploading web pages to your servers, as
well as some rudimentary macro facilities.

Apache has an extension for FrontPage, but now in the date and age of
content management system, this is an antiquated method of doing things.

> What are the options for migrating this site to linux?

Well, there are ways to run ASP under Apache, but as with all technologies
that are Microsoft they will keep changing the goalposts and it will not be
pretty chasing the ever changing APIs (e.g. WINE, Mono, ...etc.)

Consider using something totally free and open that does autoresponding and
be done with it.

Again, Mailman is a great candidate here

It powers this very KWLUG mailing list that we are communicating on ...
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