[kwlug-disc] Is GIMP pro-quality?

Charles McColm chaslinux at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 08:02:10 EDT 2010

I've heard GIMP is changing the UI in v 3.x to be more Photoshop-ish. 
Personally I liked the UI in 2.4 better than 2.6 and feel it's a mistake 
to be more Photoshop-ish, but to each his/her own.

Just the fact that quite a few books have been written about GIMP means 
that someone is making a living, at least some chunk of money from GIMP.

Over 10 years ago I started/moderated a list for Corel Photo-Paint where 
the same debate raged on. There were always nay-sayers that posted in 
the list. For the most part there were professionals working with 
Photo-Paint. I suspect the same is true of GIMP. GIMP professionals may 
not be as prevalent as PhotoShop professionals, but I'm quite sure there 
are some out there. There are CMYK add-ins for GIMP (if it hasn't been 
built in already).

> I heard that GIMP user interface will be revamped soon ...

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