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We use OpenVZ currently. Despite the prevalent opinion of this platform, ours isn't the typical OpenVZ deployment and our customers are quite happy with the performance. We might be looking at KVM in future as well.

I forgot to mention that we have a free 21 day trial of the VPS available to anyone, so you're welcome to try it out. It's the easiest way to experience it for yourself without relying on someone's biased opinion of it.

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		Caneris offers affordable and reliable VPS out of 151 Front in Toronto, which meet your requirements, and we're locally focused with a KW presence as well. You'll find more details at http://www.caneris.com/VPS (or http://www.caneris.com/Hosting for non-VPS services, though the shared hosting might not fit exactly what you've described). 

		All of our hosting/colo/VPS services include DNS hosting as well (one domain/zone is included at no extra cost).

	The prices are indeed encouraging.
	Can you tell us which technology do you use? Xen or OpenVZ or something else?
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