[kwlug-disc] Hosting

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Tue Mar 16 21:09:02 EDT 2010

Chris Irwin wrote:
> Can anybody recommend any hosting providers? Almost *any* hosting
> provider I can scrounge up brings up bad reviews since comparatively few
> every post about not having trouble.
> I think I'm looking for a provider that offers virtual servers but
> suppose I would accept shared hosting if they could provide the services
> I'm interested in.
> - regular LAMP stack
> - Can host my four domains
> - DNS for said domains
> - ssh
> - postfix or sendmail.
> - Ease of getting crap out for backup (e.g. automated mysql dumps)
> I would imagine the hardest part would be the four domain part. Most
> providers probably would see that as four separate accounts...
> To be honest, for the extremely low volume of traffic I receive (i.e.
> almost none usually) hosting from my home-based server on my 5M/800k DSL
> connection hasn't been a problem. But my Significant Other is starting
> to use her domain for sharing files with her boss more often since
> emailing 50MB-100MB PDFs is not feasible. With actual work on the line,
> "Oh, the site is probably unreachable because I'm torrenting the new
> Ubuntu release" doesn't fly anymore.
> Or should I just convince her and her boss to use something like
> Dropbox?

I'm sure John from netdirect on this very list will be able to offer 
something.  Otherwise, his next door neighbor, packetworks, I know will 
host just about any vm you want to give them, (that's not harmful, of 
course.)  However, you didn't mention what kind of budget you had in 
mind.. I don't think either of those 2 offer the kinds of dirt cheap 
hosting you find in banner ads.

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