[kwlug-disc] Using SSH to authenticate

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Mar 13 14:49:18 EST 2010

I don't have the vocabulary to explain this question clearly, so
please bear with me (and tell me what vocabulary I should be using). 

Say I have three hosts: 
  - HomeHost, which is my main machine. I have root on this machine if
    I need it.
  - RelayHost, which has a slow, laggy connection. I have a regular
    user account on this. 
  - TargetHost, which is the machine where I want to work. I have a
    regular user account on this machine. 

My end goal is to make a connection from HomeHost -> TargetHost.
However, I only have permission (via SSH whitelisting or whatever) to
make a connection from RelayHost -> TargetHost. 

One possibility is to make an SSH connection from HomeHost ->
RelayHost, and then SSH from RelayHost -> TargetHost . But since
RelayHost is slow and laggy, my experience will be frustrating. 

Is there some SSH (or other) magic that I can use to make a direct
connection from HomeHost -> TargetHost without the packets needing to
go through RelayHost?

I have a feeling this topic was covered during one of those bits of
Raul's presentation I did not understand very well, but I am not sure. 

- Paul


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