[kwlug-disc] OT: New Intel desktop/laptop CPUs

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Sun Mar 7 19:09:07 EST 2010

At 09:49 2010-03-07, you wrote:
>Does anyone running linux really need new hardware anymore?  It must 
>be a real niche app if you're running linux on the desktop and 
>needing more speed than hardware from 5+ years ago. Maybe I could 
>see a memory upgrade to a meg or two...but that's it.
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>So what gives?   Why does someone running linux in a reasonably 
>normal environment need to upgrade his hardware at any 
>point  between 2005 and 2015?

At the same time as this topic came up in this forum, a similar topic 
came up in a hardware design forum I follow.
Excerpt of various posts in this forum follow:
As for the OS, my suggestion would be to use 64 bit Fedora 12....
The iCore7 has hardware virtualization support and Fedora 12 comes 
with KVM built in so you can run multiple VMs painlessly. ....
In absolute sense i7-960 (or i7-975 for rich kids among us) should be 
faster. And, of course, in multi-user environment core-i7
  (or, for bigger shops, Xeon-55xx) wins by very wide margin.

As with the posts about gamers and video processing, the user's 
application needs drive the need for increased capabilities in the PC.
While admittedly not mainstream, these apps should not necessarily be 
looked at as "niche apps".
John Johnson
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