[kwlug-disc] Age of Persuasion

Chris Frey cdfrey at foursquare.net
Tue Mar 2 01:05:49 EST 2010

On Mon, Mar 01, 2010 at 09:48:56PM -0500, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> Please convince me that this second site is legal. I could
> potentially believe that John's regexp might be legal, but from what I
> can tell CBC does not permit the redistribution of its content. I
> would like to hear evidence to the contrary, because I listen to a lot
> of CBC podcasts and would like to share them from time to time. 

Not sure how legal sharing the MP3's would be, but lately I've taken
to transcribing the interviews that I want to share.  Takes a lot less
space, easier to share, and takes people less time to read than to
listen to a half hour podcast.

And it's grep-able. </ob_topic> :-)

I can usually find the direct link to the MP3 as well, in my podget logs,
and CBC has historical archive pages for things like The Current, etc.
So there are ways to point people in the right direction, and links I
can include in my transript.

But don't trust the web to archive things for you.  If it's so good that
you know you will need it in the future, archive it yourself.  If it
disappears in the future, then Richard Stallman's argument that sharing
is less evil than hoarding starts making some sense.

- Chris

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