[kwlug-disc] Video killed the radio star/netbook battle

John Kerr jkerr0102 at rogers.com
Wed Jun 23 23:17:53 EDT 2010

Here is a posting from the Rochester LUG:

At a meeting I attended last night a friend and I were really bored.

She has a Toshiba netbook with Windows 7 and I 
have an EEE 1005HAB

with Ubuntu Network Edition.

So we decided to have netbook races.

First system to login prompt.

First to be fully up.

First to connect to the local free wifi.

First to boot and open a browser and go to the meeting website.

First to boot and run a flash in youtube.  A few others.  You get the

picture, we were bored, she's an engineer, I'm an engineer so we have

to race.

As you might guess, my EEE even with an older cpu just smoked the Win

7 system.  In every way.  What you have to do to get connected to a

free wifi network.... What a pain.  Plus in comparison to the logical

beauty that is the UNE desktop the Win 7 looks cluttery. Her words.

She's going to bring her system over this weekend for me to wipe and

install UNE.

I don't see much info on this system with Ubuntu.  Anybody have an 

The WOW continues beyond Vista

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Two questions then:
1) Did linux actually lose the netbook battle?  I haven't looked at netbooks in a year or two, and when I was shopping, there was some choice.  Is that choice now gone?
2) if so, is there actually any way folks such as ourselves can actually change that?  I'm of the perhaps uninformed opinion that some linux flavours are a huge advantage over MS on netbooks with the potential low overhead, instant on, etc.  I have some ideas that the royal 'we' could do, but perhaps I'm dreaming.  Curious if others have thoughts.

On 23/06/10 05:04 PM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> I guess Linux really did lose the netbook
> battle.


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