[kwlug-disc] Astroturf Farming

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Wed Jun 23 14:18:10 EDT 2010


Why then, is there such resistance and challenge to kwlug being 
'newbie' friendly?

Granted - as our private discussion shows, you and I aren't newbie 
unfriendly, we just have slightly different visions. (That mostly, but 
not entirely, overlap.) And that's all cool.

Mind you - it will be interesting to see, say by later this year, if 
the 'new' meeting format, and kwlug-help, inherently bring in the 
'newbie's, and they stay. I think things too new, and it's summer, to 
really gauge things reasonably, before then.

It has occurred to me that we need to somehow 'promote', or raise 
awareness of, the 'new' kwlug. Not sure how to go about doing that, 
effectively. Heck, I'm not even certain there's a non-university 
audience for it out there beyond what we already have.

I guess I've always just assumed that there must be.

Ta. Hope you have a good one.

-- Bill

Raul Suarez wrote, On 06/23/2010 11:51 AM:
> The onus is on us to show the alternatives to the new generations.

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