[kwlug-disc] ipod sync under linux

Andrew Kohlsmith (mailing lists account) aklists at mixdown.ca
Wed Jun 16 16:00:47 EDT 2010

On Wednesday, June 16, 2010 03:32:46 pm Paul Gallaway wrote:
> Quite a bit has changed although I'm less familiar with the shuffle
> models. In general, the cryptographic key (which I believe is tied to
> the device's local iTunes library) has been broken. There was a period

I didn't realize this... I just installed ifuse and after a little tweak and a 
bugreport, I see all the files on my iphone (3G)... wow, this is awesome!

(btw did you know that C-32 would make what I just did illegal? I just shared 
with you how to circumvent a digital lock.)

> I think it's quite a bit different for the iPhone 3G and up or for the
> Touch. Doable, but a lot more work I understand. I haven't researched
> since the fall when I was trying to determine whether an iPod classic
> would work for me (I have a MacBook in the house as a fall back had it
> failed).

Nope, no work at all. install ifuse, tell Amarok (or gpod, or your app of 
choice) about it.  It seems that they changed the name of the ipod control 
directory (iPod_Control) to iTunes_Control, but a softlink fixes that right up.


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