[kwlug-disc] Request for: Periodic (monthly) advertisement to kwlug from kwlug.org.

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Jun 16 00:07:43 EDT 2010

Kyle Spaans wrote, On 06/15/2010 8:54 PM:
> I imagine that a better, but probably noisier, solution would be if
> there was an RSS feed setup for KWLUG.ORG. Unsolicited
> (sorry but I can't think of your IRL name right now) could then
> subscribe to the feed via email. I know there are mechanisms
> to do this, but I don't know them by name. The feed, I'm sure,
> could be doctored to include the heartbeat info that is
> requested.

There already is (or was). Regardless, that feed would be as content 

What I'm talking about is likely static (headings?), so an RSS feed 
wouldn't catch it.

For some reason I expected it would be a mailman thing.

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