[kwlug-disc] Request for: Periodic (monthly) advertisement to kwlug from kwlug.org.

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Tue Jun 15 21:40:10 EDT 2010

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> I imagine that a better, but probably noisier, solution would be if
> there was an RSS feed setup for KWLUG.ORG. Unsolicited
> (sorry but I can't think of your IRL name right now) could then
> subscribe to the feed via email. I know there are mechanisms
> to do this, but I don't know them by name. The feed, I'm sure,
> could be doctored to include the heartbeat info that is
> requested.

I didn't find Rob's posts intrusive, although I can see the point that we should be strict on rules.

Rob's info is good and I'm sure that he'll be able to answer questions by pointing at his web site, as other members do. If it's widely used others will refer to it as well. That's the natural exposure method that should be allowed on the list.

What I have seen other groups do is set up a -biz list, like kwlug-biz to handle business related questions and announcements. There probably isn't enough traffic for a -biz though. I'm in a Linux oriented business and I don't know what I would post. I'm used to responding to requests for consulting on those lists, rather than announcements.

Rob could put up an RSS feed on his site or an announce list for those who want a blow-by-blow update on his site.

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