[kwlug-disc] Shell Environment Variables

Jon L jdtech at rogers.com
Mon Jun 14 22:08:08 EDT 2010

I have a question regarding setting of environment variables.  I am using a bash shell. OpenSuse 11.2

I am attempting to run a script to install some software.  Limited documentation explains as follows.

3.To run Comet-Design on a Unix platform,execute the comet design script located in the $COMETDESIGNDIR/bin directory. If $COMETDESIGNDIR/bin
was added to the current search path,then just enter“cometdesign”at the command prompt.

Commands run using sudo

Software directory (cometdesign_3.20.03) copied to: home/user/bin/ 

cometdesign_3.20.03/bin contain the script to run the program

I added the variable name is $COMETDESIGNDIR using the set command.  I tried setting the value to /home/user/bin/cometdesign_3.20.03/bin

echo $COMETDESIGNDIR  command shows no value???

I added /home/user/bin/cometdesign_3.20.03/bin to the $PATH variable which worked successfully

I execute the shell script using ./cometdesign ,which is the name of the script

However when I run the script I get this message.

"Environment Variable has not been set"

Question #1: How can I verify the new variable has been added correctly?  I tried using the env command without much success.

Question #2: Do I need to assign the value of $COMETDESIGNDIR equal to the $PATH variable to get the script to run?

Some help and pointers with the correct syntax would be greatly appreciated.


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