[kwlug-disc] Monday night mayhem!

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I'm just guessing here but if the choice is a night out (Fri, Sat) or recovery afterwards, also possible time with family, B-B-Q, etc, guess who'S going to going to be second.  I'm surprised the weekenders are that high. Might have to change the name to "geekend."  (The devil makes me do it.)
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On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 2:48 PM, Insurance Squared Inc.
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> Out of idle curiousity, is there a reason why lug meetings are on Monday as
> opposed to a weekend?

"Hysterical Raisins?"

If I remember the discussion around founding KWLUG correctly (I read
it, I wasn't attending then) more folks were available for weeknights.

I can tell you from my LUG travels around North America that
weeknights are much more common.  Perhaps 5% are weekends?  IIRC, I
found three weekend LUGs, one near Chicago, one near Los Angeles and,
ummm...  Both of those have multiple other LUGs nearby that are

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