[kwlug-disc] what would you pay for good kernel documentation?

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Sun Jun 6 04:11:07 EDT 2010

Robert P. J. Day wrote, On 06/05/2010 11:45 PM:
>   i'm going to take that beginner kernel programming content and turn
> it into an actual online *course*.  ...

I doubt that there's a real market for this.

Or, at least, one that isn't already satisfied out there, and probably 
for free. If you want to trial it, as you seem to imply, you might 
offer it through the kernel group.

I think the biggest reason why I don't think it will work is the 
nature of the material and the student. Any student taking such 
material is likely going to be a 'keener', and they'll probably want 
to chew through the material, with great enthusiasm, as fast as 
possible. Spreading it out over a month will probably be a detriment, 
vs. as fast as they can consume it.

- so, maybe, if you can make it at their own pace, you might have 

But I doubt it - after all, what's the difference between this and a 
book? Well, as pointed out in the thread, your personal touch. Perhaps 
this is where Khalid's points about reputation come in - with 
sufficient notoriety (-: people may see your personal touch as a value 
add worthy of their dollars.

Having said all this ...

Do this but as a Adult Education one 3-hour night per week (10 - 12 
nights) through Conestoga! I expect they are absolutely starving for 
good materials / courses. Very few instructions were 'teachers' vs. 
consultants / industry professionals (given that these were night 
classes), and some should never be in front of a classroom.

I've recently completed a Project Management Certificate through them, 
and kept an eye on their technical courses. There's virtually nothing 
there. Just an intro (from kwlug's own Dave B<I forget>). When I did 
my MS Project 2003 course with him, at Waterloo campus, I noted that 
their machines dual boot with Red Hat (Fedora? I forget.).

It's worth a conversation with Conestoga, that's for sure. And as part 
of that conversation you will probably get some feedback about course 
content / construction - and all I mean by that is, there is 
educational 'professionals' who can speak your educational speak with 
you, vs. the technicals. To refine the course.

I highly encourage you to talk with Conestoga. I think you would do a 
VERY good job.

And you could leverage your course back and forth. If you do the web, 
then bring it to class, you will have had a dry run before you get 
there. Or do class then web. And having done one of each, run both 

For that matter, can you leverage the online training companies out 
there - be it for web space, comm servers (e-mail, video, 
presentation), admin signup, and so on and so forth?

Heck, as far as Conestoga goes, you could do LPIC, and I don't know 
what all else. Have you considered acquiring some sort of Red Hat 
Instruction credentials and pursuing that route as well, simultaneously?

At least with Conestoga, or whatever, you leverage your marketing 
presence and awareness.

Perhaps such courses lead to consulting gigs? Wonder if Conestoga 
could tell you.

Khalid - is this viable for a Drupal something?

Does Working Centre still have classroom facilities?

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