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1. Help Resources
Published Page by pnijjar
[ http://kwlug.org/node/745 ]

If you live in Waterloo Region and need some help getting something
Linux (or other open source) software working, KWLUG members might be
able to help! We offer the following resources on an informal basis: 

You can join our mailing list kwlug-help [1] and ask your question
there. There are lots of friendly, knowledgeable people on this list,
and you can get in contact with people who might be willing to help you
If you have joined this list and are having trouble getting off it,
send us a message using our contact form [2] and we can help you out. 

You can ask your question using our contact form [3]. The content form
moderators might then forward your question to one of our other mailing

Lots of friendly and knowledgeable people attend our meetings [4].
Although most of our meetings consist of formal presentations (as
opposed to impromptu Q&A or troubleshooting questions) by attending
meetings you will get to know some people who can serve as excellent

Keep in mind that these help resources are offered on a volunteer
basis. If you need more guaranteed service, you might be interested in
getting commercial support [5] instead.

[1] http://kwlug.org/mailman/listinfo/kwlug-help_kwlug.org
[2] http://kwlug.org//contact
[3] http://kwlug.org//contact
[4] http://kwlug.org//upcoming
[5] http://kwlug.org//node/717

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